House of James 1

Our very first home built in the small village of Selyshche, Ukraine. Find out more about how it all started and get to know the children.

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House of James 2

Our second home was also built in Selyshche, Ukraine just 400 yards from the first one. Discover more about the family of house two.

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House of James 3

House number three was built in Kazatin, Ukraine. Discover their story and the little miracles that live inside!

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Current Stories

Director Sean Johnson is interviewed on NBC Channel 12 News Phoenix, AZ regarding the current situation in Ukraine.

Sean Johnson has built homes in Ukraine to serve as foster homes for children in need. Amid the invasion, some children are still in his homes, and he says they need all the help that they can get. FOX 10's Irene Snyder reports.

Man who built homes for Ukrainian orphans now a refugee in Poland
FOX NEWS (Nationwide) Mar. 25, 2022 - 2:14 - House of James founder Sean Johnson from Phoenix, Ariz., explains his efforts to help orphans escaping Ukraine now stuck in Poland.

Success Stories

From abandoned to rescued, watch their stories and learn more about these precious children and the ministry of the House of James.